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Top 10 reasons children get tooth decay!

An infant’s mouth contains millions of bacteria, including the bacteria that cause dental decay.  These bacteria start the tooth decay process.  When a parent puts the baby’s feeding spoon into his or her mouth, bacteria from the parent’s mouth will be transferred back to the baby’s mouth and infect the baby’s teeth.  The danger of infecting the infant’s teeth is increased when the parents already have tooth decay themselves.

The factors affecting the occurrence and severity of ECC include:
1.  Diet and nutrition.
2.  Oral hygiene.
3.  Fluoridation.
4.  Preventive dental measures.
5.  Transmission of cariogenic microbes from mother to child.
6.  A child’s genetic susceptibility to dental disease.
7.  Salivary flow and its pH buffering capacity.
8.  Mucosal immunity.
9.  Lifestyle.
10.  A history of previous dental caries.


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