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Bad Breath (Halitosis) – Where does it come from?

85% of Bad breath is from the mouth
· Dry mouth (xerostomia):
Xerostomia may be due to: mouth breathing, a decrease in salivary flow, sleeping, dehydration, salivary gland disease, chemotherapy, diabetes, and certain medications. Saliva is very important because it cleanses the teeth and mouth, and destroys oral microorganisms.
· The tongue:
The most common source of bad breath is the top (dorsum) of the tongue.
· Dental problems:
An abscessed tooth or tooth decay can cause bad breath. In the case of tooth decay, food stuck between the teeth can cause putrefaction. – producing a foul odor.

· Oral fungal infection:
Children who take antibiotics for a long time may develop a Thrush (Candida) infection in the mouth. Children undergoing chemotherapy, or have a weak immune system, are prone to develop oral fungal infections. Such oral yeast infections produce a characteristic sweet odor.
· Gum disease:
Gingivitis and periodontitis are the most common inflammatory diseases which cause bad breath. The bacteria involved produce a foul smelling gas.

Tomorrow we will talk about bad breath from other places then the mouth.


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