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8 Facts about tooth Eruption

1.  The first tooth eruption is usually between 4 and 15 months of age.

2.  If eruption of the first tooth has not occurred by 18 months, make an appointment to see your pediatric dentist.

3.   Premature and low birth weight babies can have
delayed primary tooth eruption and enamel defects,
putting them at higher risk for decay.

4.   Eruption is usually lower teeth before upper teeth.  The lower front teeth are the first to erupt and the first to be replaced by permanent teeth.

5.    To remember the timing of the first 4 teeth erupt at 7 months then every 4 months 4 more teeth erupt until at 27 months all 20 baby teeth should have erupted.

6. For permanent teeth Eruption starts between 5 to 7 years and finishes by 13 to 14 years old except for wisdome teeth (third molars)

7.  It is common to see permanent teeth erupt behind
the primary incisor teeth in the lower jaw. This
typically resolves itself without intervention.
8.  The first permanent molars erupt behind the last baby tooth around 6 years of age.


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