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6 great uses of mouthguards

1.  Prevent injury in sports – Mouthguards do not only protect teeth they also prevent or reduce harm of concussion and protect the upper and lower jaw bones.

The American Dental Association recommended the use of mouthguards in all contact sports in 1960 and in 1973 the NCAA required the use of mouthguards for football.  Today the ADA recommends using mouth guards for 29 sports including boxing, football, rugby, ice hockey, basketball, handball, bandy, baseball, bicycling, gymnastics, water polo, wrestling, surfing, skiing, weightlifting, skydiving, squash, softball, shot putting, equestrian, and skateboarding.

2. Mouthguards may be used as splints to decrease the strain on the  muscles used in chewing and reduce the strain in temporomandibular joint dysfunction.

3.  To prevent wear from tooth grinding or bruxism

4.  To deliver topical medications – to treat some gingival diseases, dental decay and for  teeth whitening

5.  To help control habits such as cheek biting.

6.  For orthodontics – Invisalign is a series of mouthguards that will position teeth over time.

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